Qomo — Info

QOMO is a fusion-concept, a retailer of menswear, womenswear and lifestyle products. Our selection is carefully curated and our vision is to offer the modern consumer a unique assortment and everyday products that are made to last.

The QOMO-concept is more than a curated lifestyle-retailer, we strive to engage with our costumers and want to create a culture around our store. We have done an official festival collaboration, several DJ-sets and countless concerts in-store. QOMO is a vibrant, unique store at the top of Oslo’s biggest pedestrian street, starting at Gründerløkka, leading all the way into the city center.

Our selection is highly centred around Scandinavian fashion and we are already retailing brands such as Ganni, Tom Wood, Rodebjer, Libertine Libertine, Samsøe & Wood Wood + many more.